The Kodaly method uses techniques found to be the most interactive and engaging to create a method that focuses on the expressive and creative skills of musicianship (rather than the theory or instrument skills)

The Central Principles of Kodaly

  1. Music should be taught from a young age. Kodály believed that music was among, if not the most important subject to teach in schools.
  2. Music should be taught in a logical and sequential manner.
  3. There should be a pleasure in learning music; learning should not be torturous.
  4. The voice is the most accessible, universal instrument.
  5. The musical material is taught in the context of the mother-tongue folk song.

Kodály for Children

The original method that Kodály pioneered was created with children’s development in mind.

With the method, young children unconsciously learn the basic musical elements:

  • solfa,
  • rhythm,
  • hand signs,
  • memory development,
  • singing, and more.